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Frank Vaughan and Mary

Posted by mikegen48 on March 5, 2011

Frank Vaughan was born in 1796 in Sullivan County, Tennessee. He died during 1862 in Michigan.
Frank married Mary circa 1820 in Tennessee. Mary was born in 1798 in Tennessee. She died in 1869 in Michigan.
They had the following children:

Susan Vaughan was born during 1821 in Tennessee. She died in 1900 in Hamilton County, Tennessee.
Robert Vaughan was born about 1825 in Tennessee. He died on 17 Feb 1825 in Knox County, Tennessee.
Ralph Vaughan was born in 1828 in Tennessee. He died in 1901 in Tennessee.
Lucy I. Vaughan was born circa 1832 in Knox County, Tennessee. She died on 11 Jul 1895 in Tennessee.
Christopher K. Vaughan was born on 14 Feb 1832 in Michigan. He died in 1902 in Tennessee.
Sarah Vaughan was born circa 1835 in Michigan. She died in 1923 in Hamilton County, Tennessee.
Hannah Vaughan was born about 1839 in Michigan. She died on 27 Apr 1916 in Kentucky.
Edwin Smart Vaughan was born in 1842 in Michigan. He died about 1842 in Michigan.
Agnes S. Vaughan was born in 1845 in Michigan. She died in 1910 in Tennessee.

Descendants of Jacob Corbin and Nancy Carr


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