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Alexander Weaver and Ruth Lockhart

Posted by mikegen48 on June 30, 2008

Alexander Weaver was born in 1800 in Northampton County, Virginia. He died in 1861 in Iowa.

Alexander married Ruth Lockhart in 1824 in Northampton County, Virginia. Ruth was born circa 1801 in Virginia. She died in 1876 in Iowa.

They had the following children:

Frank Weaver was born in 1826 in Virginia.
Sophia Weaver was born during 1826 in Virginia. She died in 1888 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.
Rebecca Weaver was born in 1829 in Virginia. She died on 3 Dec 1892 in Virginia.
Agnes Elizabeth Weaver was born on 6 Aug 1832 in Virginia. She died in 1864 in Charleston County, South Carolina.
Ann E. Weaver was born during 1835 in Northampton County, Virginia. She died in 1914 in Northampton County, Virginia.
Frances Weaver was born on 12 Jan 1838 in Virginia.
Mark H. Weaver was born in 1841 in Virginia. He died on 20 Jan 1898 in Northampton County, Virginia.

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